MIley Cyrus speaks about Bangerz Tour details

Other than a few cuss words and a “Yo, yo, yo, what’s up?” greeting, Miley Cyrus participated Wednesday night in a relatively tame conference call with media members around the globe that revealed details about her new “Bangerz Tour.”

This tour will make an April 12 stop at The Palace of Auburn Hills, include Icona Pop as its special guest and is one of 38 shows that Cyrus claims “won’t be unoriginal or fake in any way.”

“This show is really a hard show to not want to get up and be involved in,” said Cyrus, who only answered screened, tour-related questions in the call. “We’re definitely keeping it fun, and that’s what I think I’ve been kind of representing the past year.”

There were no mentions of Cyrus’ “twerking” style of dance during the call, her controversial performance with Robin Thicke at last year’s VMAs, rumors about romantic relationships or drug use.

And Cyrus didn’t share too many stories or details about the cities or concert venues scheduled to visit.

Cyrus stayed on topic and told reporters she hopes the “Bangerz Tour” inspires her young female fanss to be original and live life with a fun, creative sense of style and optimism.

“I’m just thankful for the people who have really decided to come to my show because I know sometimes people like to make me seem like I’m one thing and I’m only doing it to shock people – that’s my only purpose in this industry,” Cyrus said. “That isn’t what it is. What I want girls to kind of see, though, is the fact there’s an energy, a feminine energy there.

“People taking a chance and coming to see one of my shows is a little different, and I appreciate that. I’m excited for the people that kind of want to express their freedom, and I think they can relate to my music because of that.”

Cyrus didn’t give away too many details about the actual stage setup, the setlist or her wardrobe at each show, but mentioned she hoped to have a few special guests like Future and Juicy J and state-of-the-art technology involving 3-D images and graphics.

“Every show will be different,” says Cyrus, who playfully blamed her ADD for the much-needed variety on tour. “I can’t imagine there being any kind of negative outcome.”

Cyrus added that she will be “making a character out of myself” at the shows, wear some stylish Marc Jacobs clothes, include animation from Nickelodeon “Ren & Stimpy” show creator John Kricfalusi and have plenty of free souvenirs for fans.

She even mentioned that her dog Floyd, a Siberian husky, has a role in the tour and shows.

“Each city is going to be the biggest (show) that it can be and the best (stage setup) that their arena can have,” Cyrus said. “Everything will always feel big. Some of the stuff we’re doing is so dope!”