The Best Acoustic of Miley

Return to Selections The best performances of Miley Cyrus in acoustic or unplugged mode, where you can display all your vocal talent. Las mejores actuaciones de Miley Cyrus en modo acústico o desenchufado, donde puede desplegar todo su talento vocal. See Playlist in Youtube

MTV unPlugged Miley Cyrus 2014

Return to Concerts 8 jun 2014 SetList 4×4 (audio) Do my thang #GETITRIGHT (audio) SMS (Bangerz) (audio) Adore you Rooting for my baby Drive Jolene (cover) Wrecking ball Don’t tell me / We can’t stop         (& Madonna) Why’d you only call me when you’re          high? (cover) See Playlist in Youtube See Also All … Leer más